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Maratha kings

Vyankoji Bhonsle
Vyankoji Bhonsle (born 1629) or Ekoji I Bhonsle was the younger half-brother of Shivaji and founder of Maratha rule in Thanjavur. He was the progenitor of the junior branch of the Bhonsle family which ruled Thanjavur until the formal annexation of the kingdom by the British in 1855.
Venkoji Bhonsle
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Predecessor Shahaji
Successor Shahuji
Born 1629
Died 1686
House Bhonsle






Shahuji I Bhonsle
Shahuji I Bhonsle (Marathi: शाहुजी १/शहाजी तंजावरचे)(b.1672) also called Shahji of the Bhonsle dynasty was the second Maratha ruler of Thanjavur. He was the eldest son of Ekoji I, who was a half brother of Shivaji and the first Maratha ruler of Thanjavur. He reigned from 1684 to 1712.
Shahuji I Bhonsle
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Reign 1684 to 1712
Predecessor Ekoji I
Successor Serfoji I
Born 1672
Died 1712
House Bhonsle
Father Ekoji I
Religion Hinduism
Serfoji I Bhonsle
Serfoji I Bhonsle , also spelt as Sarabhoji I Bhonsle, was the son of the Maratha ruler of Thanjavur Ekoji I and the Raja of Thanjavur from 1712 to 1728. He was the third Raja of the Bhonsle dynasty of Thanjavur. He consolidated the hold of Marathas over Thanjavur and patronised arts and literature.
Serfoji I
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Reign 1712 to 1728
Predecessor Shahuji I of Thanjavur
Successor Tukkoji
Born 1675
Died 1728
House Bhonsle
Father Ekoji I
Religion Hinduism
Tukkoji Bhonsle (1677–1736) was the fourth Maratha ruler of Thanjavur, located in South India. He was from the Bhonsle dynasty and was the son of Ekoji I as well as the younger brother of Shahuji I and Serfoji I. Tukkoji ruled Thanjavur from 1728 to 1736.
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Reign 1728 to 1736
Predecessor Serfoji I
Successor Ekoji II
Born 1677
Died 1736
House Bhonsle
Father Ekoji I
Religion Hinduism
Pratap Singh Bhonsle

Pratap Singh Bhonsle or Pratapsinha was the Maratha ruler of Thanjavur of the Bhonsle dynasty from 1739 to 1763. His rise to power followed three years of anarchy and civil war and restored the state to its previous greatness. His reign witnessed the Carnatic Wars and the Seven Years’ War.

Pratapsinha Bhonsle
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire

Reign 1739 – 1763
Coronation 1739, Durbar Hall, Tanjore
Predecessor Shahuji II
Successor Tulajaji II
Died 16 December 1763
Spouse Five wives and seven secondary wives
Issue Tulajaji II
Amar Singh
Thuljaji Bhonsle (1738–1787) was the eldest son of Pratap singh and the ruler of Thanjavur Bhonsle dynasty from 1763 to 1773 and 1776 to 1787. He was a weak-hearted ruler despite being extremely generous. His period is known for the treaties which made Thanjavur subordinate to the British East India Company.
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Reign 1763 to 1773 and 1776 to 1787
Predecessor Pratap singh
Successor Serfoji II
Born 1738
Died 1787
House Bhonsle
Father Pratapsingh of Thanjavur
Religion Hinduism

Serfoji II Bhonsle

Serfoji II Bhonsle (24 September 1777 – 7 March 1832) also spelt as Sarabhoji II Bhonsle, was the last ruler of the Bhonsle dynasty of the Maratha principality of Tanjore. Serfoji belonged to Bhonsle clan of Marathas and was descended from Shivaji’s half-brother Venkoji. He ruled Thanjavur from 1798 until his death in 1832.
Raja Sarboji Bhonsle
Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire
Reign 1787 – 1793,
1798 – 1832
Coronation 1787, 29 June 1798
Predecessor Thuljaji, Amar Singh
Successor Amar Singh, Shivaji II
Born 24 September 1777
Died 7 March 1832 (aged 54)
Consort Muktambal
Issue Shivaji

Raja Shivaji

Raja Shivaji (Marathi: तंजावरचे शिवाजी) (fl. 17 March 1832 – 29 October 1855) of the Bhonsle dynasty of Thanjavur in India, was the son of Raja Serfoji II and ruled the fortress of Thanjavur and its surroundings from 1832 to 1855. He was the last Raja of Thanjavur known to wield any authority.

Shivaji Bhonsle of Thanjavur
Raja of Thanjavur
Shivaji Bhonsle of Thanjavur
Reign 1832–1855
Coronation 17 March 1832, Durbar Hall, Tanjore Fort
Died 29 October 1855
Sadar Mahal, Tanjore Fort,
Dynasty Bhonsle
Father Serfoji II
Religion Hinduism

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